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Consulting Toolkit Bootcamp

Who is this training for?

Early to mid-career professionals
Consulting/Advisory, Strategy, Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Transformation, and PMO
Consulting Companies, Government/Semi-Government Entities, Large Enterprises, Family Offices, PE/VC Firms, and Sovereign Wealth Funds

What will the course cover?

Structured Problem Solving

  • Importance and applications of structured problem solving
  • The problem-solving framework
  • Problem definition and structuring Issue trees and being MECE
  • Prioritization & impact assessment
  • Communicationing of recommendations
  • Practice case studies individually and in groups
  • Case studies individual and group practices

Storylining and Communication

  • Introduction to components of strong communication: Content, structure, and style
  • Deep-dive into structure using Minto Pyramid Principle
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of building arguments and applying the Pyramid Principle to different types of written documents (e.g., PowerPoint, E-mails)
  • Deep-dive into PowerPoint storylining and slide building
  • Individual and group case study practice

Presentations Production and Formatting

  • Presentation development process and good practices
  • Ghost deck use and structure
  • Presentation structure and components: Opening, Core, and Closing
  • Trackers, frameworks, content, and synthesis
  • Content slides: charts, diagrams, tables
  • Formatting and style good practices
  • Hands-on practice individually and in groups

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Improving problem-solving abilities by following a structured approach
  • Refined articulation of problem statement or project scope of work
  • Comprehensive  Improved articulation of issues using issue tree
  • Increased work productivity through prioritization of  analysis
  • Refined articulation of solutions and recommendations
  • Improved storylining of E-mails and PowerPoint Presentation
  • A deeper understanding of the fundamentals of effective presentation development
  • Improved ability, quality, and speed of creating presentations and report

Who will teach the course?

Our faculty are experienced consulting professionals and coaches with years of experience in delivering consulting work and training. The faculty for each course will be communicated to the participants ahead of time.